Just Because

How much of our time do we spend in awe of JUST Jesus versus WHAT he can do or has done for us? 

Do we love him simply because of WHO he is or do we love him because of WHAT he has done or can do? 

I've said many times that some of the most amazing times in my life were spent with my children when they just wanted to crawl up in my lap and sit there simply to love me. They weren't there with the intention of asking for something. They weren't there because they needed anything from me. They were there just because they wanted to feel loved and they wanted to love me simply because I was daddy. 

We are called to love like Christ and his love was then - and still is today - out of complete and total unconditionality. 

God created this world from nothing.

He created you and me from dirt. 

He fed a nation by having food fall from the sky and water come out of a rock.

He gave a man his sight by rubbing mud on his eyes.

He walked out of a tomb after hanging on a cross with spikes through his hands and feet, a sword run through his side and laying dead in that tomb for three days. 

What could he possibly want or need from you and me? NOT - ONE - SINGLE - THING! 

And yet, he loves me and you because of me and you - period. Not because we are good or decent or loving or giving or caring. Not because we're great parents or bad parents; obedient sons or obedient daughters. Nope. He loves me and you - JUST BECAUSE!  

Lord, teach me to love others the way you love me. 

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