Am I Worthy? 

That simple question is something that I've been chewing on for a few days. And when I chew, I do the only thing I can do to think through things - I write. 

The easy answer to this question is NO!

We are not worthy of His grace. We are not worthy of His mercy. We are not worthy of His love. We are not worthy of His forgiveness.

We were not worthy yesterday. We are not worthy today. We will not be worthy tomorrow.

It seems kind of futile when we look at things from a surface perspective. 

Solomon said it this way in Ecclesiastes 1:2 - "Meaningless! Meaningless!" Says the Teacher. "Utterly meaningless. Everything is meaningless." It would be so easy to just stop there and throw our hands up and say a frustrating, "why try?!" But here's the wonderful thing about God's word - in my humble opinion - it's similar to a great treasure hunt. Just when we get to a point of not understanding or thinking one particular way, God reveals His beauty; His grace and mercy; His undeniable love for me and you in a way that has always been there, we were just too blind - OR TOO BUSY - to see it!

God knows that we will never be worthy and my worthiness is not a prerequisite for His love.

In God's upside down economy where things are changed from the bottom up and the inside out, what I'm starting to realize for the first time in my half a century of life is that worthiness is the act that comes as a result of my repentance because of His love, mercy and grace. It's one of God's math equations that we will never truly comprehend in our limited, finite, human minds. I believe that's called FAITH

In Acts 26:20, Luke writes "...repent and turn to God, performing deeds worthy of repentance." Luke is telling me that my worthiness will be found in my fruits that come out of my repentance and understanding of what God has done for me, in me and will do through me. Repentance isn't just a simple, "I'm sorry God." Repentance as defined by Mr. Webster says that it's sincere regret; remorse; contrition; brokenness; sorrow. Biblical repentance is literally changing your mind; turning from our sinful ways and desiring a life filled with God.

Repentance in it's simplest form is an act of letting go of all the things that have hindered my undying and complete dependence on Jesus Christ (Heb 12:1). It's a sold out, heartfelt and unwavering commitment that God is above everything in my life; He sits on THE throne - not A throne - in my heart! That repentance and the understanding of God's love for us is what then bears fruit in the form of deeds in our lives; those deeds are a reflection of the unbelievable worth of our Father and in all their brokenness, those deeds are worthy! 

My worth is ultimately defined by my faith and holding fast to the love and worth of my Lord Jesus Christ. 

So today, I pray that my deeds may find me worthy of the calling (Eph. 4:1); worthy of the Kingdom (2 Thes. 1:5); worthy of the Gospel (Phil. 1:27); and worthy of my Lord God (Col 1:10; 1 Thes 2:12). 

How do I - or you - do this? The answer is pretty clear when digging for more treasures. By:

  1. Bearing fruit in every good work (Col. 1:10a)
  2. Growing in the knowledge of God (Col 1:10b)
  3. Being strengthened with all power according to His glorious might (Col 1:11), and
  4. Giving thanks to the Father (Col. 1:12)

Father God, find me worthy!



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