Simply In Your Presence 

"You have said, “Seek my face.” My heart says to you, “Your face, LORD, do I seek.” 

-Psalm 27:8 

As I rolled out of bed this morning to spend some time with my Father, I quietly brushed my teeth and started mentally putting my prayer list together: 

  • financial needs 
  • pastor's hearts and minds as I call about bookings 
  • direction for decisions I need to make today 
  • care and protection of my family 
  • and on and on and on 

As I began to take inventory of MY NEEDS, my mind began to drift back to some of my most fond memories of my children - the times they would slowly creep into our room in the morning and slide under the covers between Cindy and I. We had some of the best conversations in those early morning pretense; no ulterior motives. Sure there were times it was out of fear from a bad dream; other times it was to wake us early to begin some adventure we'd discussed or been planning. But the times I recalled this morning were the times they would just curl up next to us just because they wanted to be close to mom and dad. 

While I smiled on the outside, my heart flooded with sadness as I recalled my list I had made earlier. It occurred to m e that my Heavenly Father wants the same thing from me - a simple desire to just be in His presence with no list of To-Do's or requests for Him. 

David understood this fact as he wrote this Psalm. He understood that there is no place more peaceful, more safe, more conversation as filling as those had when just simply crawling up into the lap of God and seeking His face. 

Forgive me Father when I demean our relationship - and Your love for me - to that of a fortune teller or need-provider. Remind me daily that as a Father, you long for your children to desire nothing more than to be in Your presence.

Teach me to be more like David and to seek Your face and not just Your hand.

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