Impossible? Tell That To God!

"For with God, nothing shall be impossible."

- Luke 1:37 

What are you facing today that seems insurmountable? 

What mountains are in front of you that seem impossible to climb? 

What financial, health or emotional battle is looming so large in your life right now that you can’t see past the darkness? 

I have GREAT NEWS for you! 

Over 2000 years ago, an angel of the Lord stood before Mary and told her that her cousin Elizabeth who was way beyond child-bearing years was pregnant (V36); that she (Mary) was about to conceive a child by the Holy Spirit (V35a) and that child was to be the Son of God (V35b)

How’s that for a list of improbabilities to start your day? 

What I have learned in my life – and in the lives of others around me – is that God loves to shake us up. And one of the ways He does that is by taking what we see as the impossible and making it possible. You and I live in a world that is confined to finite boundaries and earthly possibilities. God is not confined to that finite space or those same earthly boundaries. We believe that if that door can’t be opened in earthly terms, it can’t be opened at all. God shows us time and again just how little we are and how BIG He is! 

Our Father loves to mold and shape our hearts by turning the lies we’ve believed into Godly truths! 

  • I’m not good enough. God says you are! 
  • You don’t know my past. God does! 
  • My financial needs are overwhelming. God provides! 
  • The doctors say it’s incurable. God heals! 

Nothing – and He means NOTHING – is impossible with God! 

Without Him, you will always see half a person; a half-filled heart; a half-lived life. With Him, as you pour yourself out at His feet and live a life sold out for Christ, He will reshape your heart and take your broken and spilled out vessel and refill you with His Holy Spirit. With your eyes and heart focused on Him, you will no longer focus on the impossibilities of your life, but the possibilities seen through the eyes of God. 

Without Him, everything is impossible… 

With Him, nothing is impossible! 

Just ask Dewayne James

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