1. At Your Altar

From the recording I Choose Now


Verse 1
Lord, here I come
And kneel before your throne
Just to seek Your face
You know my heart
You look through the darkest parts
You look past my mistakes
Father, the weight of this worlds killing me
I've come to this place Lord
To be set free

At Your altar,
I lay down my worries
I give it all up
And lay it at your feet
At your altar,
I'm covered by mercy
And grace overflowing
You meet all my needs
Lord, I have nothing
That's fit for a King
But I lay down my life
That's all that you seek
At Your altar

I'm still amazed
When I think about you Lord
And Your love for me
Why you'd lay down
Your life and die for me
It's hard to believe
Father here and now
I give my all to you
Take the old in me and
Make it new